WEEE scrap recyling

WEEE scrap recycling.

A new Stokkermill Multiflex 150 has been installed in North Europe.

The M150 with turbo device, zig-zag system and impact mills is capable to process printed circuit boards (PCB’s), special wires, telecom wires, data cables, Degaussing wires as well.

The owner of the line is a company specialized in the recycling of WEEE scrap which was requiring for a very flexible solution.

Flexibility and versatility is the most required feature in the last years since it doesn’t make sense to have “one line for one material” as it was in the past.

The system is equipped with a high performance refining system for recovering the most valuable metals and a special device for recovering Degaussing wires.

Stokkermill is currently manufacturing three similar lines which are supposed to be delivered within the present year.