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We innovate and create new solutions for recycling and the circular economy


A wide range of professional machines and equipment for recycling, treatment, separation and reduction of materials, metallic or non metallic scrap and industrial waste.


Excellent performance, reliability and efficiency thanks to the latest and innovated technology on the market. Designed and made entirely in Italy. Used all over the world.


We create versatile and efficient solutions to operate in the various sectors of recycling for circular economy and energy transition and to reduce the environmental impact of human and production activities.
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Supporting the recycling industry to grow up and develop solutions for the circular economy

We support recycling with professional solutions
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WEEE recycling plant

Primary e-waste processing lines and systems for metal refining and separation capable of generating high-quality fractions

PCB recycling plant

Printed boards recycling plant for electronic boards PCB, reduction of size, glass separation and mixed metals.

Hammer mills
Reversible rotor hammer mills suitable for intermediate reduction and fine crushing of materials and industrial wastes with powers ranging from 20 to 500 kw
Macchinari per la riduzione dei materiali e tecnologie per la separazione tra loro intercambiabili per garantire efficenza nei processi e semplicità di utilizzo.
Sorting solutions
Advanced and versatile systems to provide concrete answers to the challenges of the recycling industry with increasingly high-performance solutions.

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A look at the latest installations, our customers in the global market, real-life cases and the value of our solutions for the recycling industry.

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Shredding of electrical and electronic waste for first reduction and separation of recoverable materails with D-series twin-shaft shredders and LC-series multi crushers


Crushing and refining of WEEE using HM series hammer mills to obtain a fine fraction suitable for subsequent precision separation processes.


Using magnetic and eddy current separators to separate of the metal fraction from the inert fraction. The separation of metals is carried out with the VT multiple densimetric separation table.

Recycling plants

R&D: research and development to support energy and environmental transition processes

PV panel recycling plant

Complete system for recycling solar and photovoltaic panels

WEEE recycling plant

Complete recycling plant for WEEE and electronic scrap

Electronic boards recycling plant

Complete plant for recycling printed circuit boards

Aluminum recycling plant

Complete aluminum recycling plant

Recycling plant

Copper cable recycling

The value of cables. Copper cables are a valuable source of metal that can be recycled and reused, reducing the need for new copper mining and the associated environmental impact. It is estimated that millions of tons of copper cables are discarded each year, contributing to the growing e-waste problem. By recycling copper cables, copper and other precious metals can be recovered, helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.


Dual shaft industrial shredder

D-HD Series

Industrial electric shredders Series-D HD
The range of two-shaft D-series shredders consists of five models with power ratings up to 150 kw made with gearbox and mechanical torque transmission and rotor sizes up to 1500 mm. Special executions upon specific customer request.
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We design your customized recycling solution

Stokkermill is always ready to listen to the customer's needs to help with tailored solutions.  Our team of technicians and engineers will provide experience and expertise. Exceptional staff always available.

Recycling plant

Recycling Electronic Boards

It is estimated that more than 10 million tons of printed electronic board waste is generated worldwide each year, and this amount is steadily increasing. Recycling PCBs allows for the separation and recovery of metals and components of higher commercial value.

Our products

Our most innovative recycling technologies


PCB recycling: facilities for recovering metal fractions from electronic boards.


Recycling biomass and wood: facilities for energy transition processes


Recycling of electric motors: facilities for recovery and sorting of metal fractions

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion battery recycling: facilities for shredding and sorting metal fractions
Recycling plant

Recycling of lithium-ion batteries

Plants for shredding, sorting metal fractions and separating blackmass. Millions of tons of lithium-ion batteries will be discarded in the coming years, creating an environmental challenge. Recycling lithium-ion batteries enables the separation and valorization of valuable metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese, and become a sustainable and economical source of raw materials for new batteries and other industries.


We have been innovating and improving material recycling technologies for 30 years, with 1000+ plants and machines installed in over 30 countries. Preferred by:


Together towards waste-free organisations, recycling technology & waste management, 21, 22 & 23 november 2023 | Events hall Gorinchem

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The appointment will be from 17 to 19 April 2024 at Expo Guadalajara, Jaliscosimultaneously with Solar+Storage Mexico

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IFAT 2024

May 13-17 World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

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Featured machine

Electric motor recycling system E-Motorchop

E-Motorchop breaker. Enables recovery of copper windings in the stator of electric motors destined for scrapping and recycling processes. With magnetic stator coupling and level 3 safety controls.


Research and development processes are the key to Stokkermill's success in the recycling machinery construction industry. Every year, Stokkermill invests significant direct financial resources and, where possible, accesses tax relief plans with the aim of constantly improving its technical and scientific expertise and the efficiency of its technical solutions.

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Stokkermill's marketing and service network has a worldwide presence to ensure all customer support services. Customers can contact us by e-mail at: or via Whatsapp at: +39 328 8272193.

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If you are interested in being part of the Stokkermill technical and commercial network, if you have ideas you would like to share with us, if you think we can improve with your help, please do not hesitate, write to

Precision laboratory machines

Simple and reliable solutions, typical of industrial applications, but sophisticated and equipped with parameter control systems that can broaden and better define the field of use and can operate with micrometric precision, essential for research and development. These machines can be integrated into laboratory automation systems, optimising processes and increasing efficiency.

Electrostatic separator







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