Wire crusher Stokkermill Entryline


The last Stokkermll Entryline Junior EF1100 Plus was installed by Stokkermill’s engineers and entered in operation during the last week on July.

The line is made by a industrial one shaft shredder PS600, a coveyor belt NST3000 equipped with a magnetic separator and a granulator SM1100 Plus.

The total power of the line is 25 kw.

The 3 pieces are connected to a PLC which controls the loading of the blade mill avoiding overloading and the consequent waste of time for restarting operations.

The capacity of the line, in case of cable recycling, is of around 200 kg/h (440 lb/h).

An small financial commitment s required for buying this professional line which allows to process medium quantity of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) and a quick return of the investment.

Stokkermill offers three different Entryline arrangements:

Entryline Junior

Entryline Basic

Entryline BasicTurbo

The Entrylines have power in between 25-45 kw and 200-300 kg/h (440-660 lb/h) capacity.

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