Shredding metal pipes scrap

Shredding of pipes and metal pipes from scrap for the size reduction of volumetric materials, grinding of ferrous materials.

Shredding metal pipes with two-shaft primary shredders can be the most suitable solution for shredding pipes and metal pipes and the size reduction of volumetric materials. Volumetric reduction of pipes or pipe waste is performed for several reasons:

Often the ferrous scrap made of pipes is equipped with different materials such as hydraulic valves, meters, fastening systems and other. The double-shaft primary shredders for ferrous scrap are, generally, the most suitable solution to reduce the length of the pipe waste. Although the twin-shaft shredders are not equipped with a classifier screen, the first shredding allows to obtain sizes less than 100-150 mm in length. A further step of the material allows to obtain, on the contrary, significantly lower and sufficient sizes for the successive operations of separation and sorting. Double-shaft shredders of the D series are the most suitable for shredding and volumetric reduction of non-ferrous metal pipes (links, images, videos, etc.). They are extremely robust and reliable machines suitable for the processing of relatively light materials such as aluminium and  copper pipes or other non-ferrous metals. Generally driven by electric transmission systems can be realized, in the versions of greater dimension, with hydraulic transmission. For heavy pipes made of ferrous and steel materials, of considerable diameter and thickness, we recommend to use industrial models D150, D200 or larger size made exclusively with hydraulic transmission.

Industrial shredders are used, in addition to volumetric reduction of pipes, also in the first reduction of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap in general: