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Metal densimetric separator | VT-M

Metal densimetric separator, dry densimetric sorters for the separation of mixed metal flows

Metal densimetric separator with multiple tables are positioned at the end of a refining line to separate the metal streams with particle sizes smaller than 5 mm coming from blade mill granulators, turbo units, delamination mills or similar refining systems. Densimetric sorting tables can be loaded with conveyor belts, screw conveyors or pneumatic systems.

The metal densimetric sorters with multiple outputs are the natural evolution of VT series of separation tables. The system consists of a minimum of 4 outputs up to a maximum of 8 outputs. The dry sorters are manufactured in accordance with the end-user's requirements in terms of capacity and number of outputs. The dry separation systems with multiple outputs are controlled by an inverter that allows the frequency of vibration to be adjusted for getting the best quality outputs. To increase the separation accuracy, the table inclination can also be easily adjusted within a range of 10°.  Dry densimetric separators operate effectively on a wide range of materials.

Dry densimetric separation tables are suitable for processing an extremely wide and varied range of materials:

  • separation of different metals
  • separation of aluminium and copper
  • separation of copper and plastic
  • separation of aluminium and plastic
  • separation of automotive copper-aluminium-plastic radiators
  • separation of industrial copper-aluminium-plastic radiators
  • dry separation of WEEE electrical and electronic materials
  • dry separation of electrical cables
  • dry separation of electronic boards
  • dry separation of electronic materials from vehicle dismantling

Metal densimetric separator, dry densimetric sorters for the separation of mixed metal flows


10 kW






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