Electric motor recycling 

Electric motors wrecker | E-MOTORCHOP

Electric Motor wrecker, Recycling metal case, smasher chopper

Electric Motor wrecker E-MotorChop of Stokkermill is an equipment designed to recover the copper present in the stator of electric motors intended for scrapping and recycle. Electric Motor wrecker E-MotorChop for electric motors recycling is a very compact equipment with low energy consumption. It allows the recovery of the copper pack inside the engines in few simple steps. Electric Motor wrecker E-MotorChop can operate on motors with the diameter between 50 mm (2") and 330 mm (12"), indicatively from 0.09Kw to 7.5Kw, allowing the separation of iron and aluminum from the carcass. Electric Motor wrecker E-MotorChop requires only one low-power electrical connection (4Kw) and can be easily moved by a forklift or pallet truck.


- On specific customer request, E-Motor-Chop can be configured differently than the standard version to meet specific production needs.

- For customers who have a largequantity of electric motors, we recommend our Hammer Mills for receycling electric motors, refrigerator compressors, meatballs, alternators.

Electric Motor wrecker, Recycling metal case, smasher chopper



4 kW -Three-phase



Weight (kg)

2200 Kg

Air pressure

7 bar

Hydraulic pressure

230 bar / 15 Tons

Treatable engines

Diameter 50mm / 330 mm



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