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Engine crusher for endothermic motor recycling, aluminium engines and gearbox from End - of - life vehicles (ELVs)

Engine crusher for aluminium engines and gearboxes: The P01 automotive engines crushing machine is designed and manufactured by Stokkermill Recycling, for the recovery of ferrous metals and the aluminium fraction of gearboxes, engines, and transmissions coming from the end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). Crushing and subsequent separation, carried out with a magnetic drum separator, allow to obtain ready materials for the downstream processes. The robustness and reliability of the crushing presses P01 are guaranteed by a steel structure with a thickness of 60 mm with an anti-wear coating in Hardox. Welding of the P01 endothermic motor press is performed automatically with a robotic arm. The total weight of the crushing press P01 exceeds 10Ton. The entire process of construction of the P01 engine and scrap scrapping press is carried out at the Stokkermill workshops in Udine in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, district of excellence for mechanical and electromechanical construction. The production capacity of the P01 varies between 8-10 T/H depending on the set parameters, the quality of the incoming material and the desired size. At the heart of the metal crushing press is a Linde Hydraulic system, which gives the pusher drawer a force of 220 tons that is largely sufficient to complete the dimensional reduction process with fast execution times. The compression tray is controlled by a PLC that allows you to change some fundamental parameters such as speed, return time, the number of cycles and the opening of the exhaust port. The system can be connected to a computer system capable of register work and production data as well as allowing the connection for remote assistance.  The aluminium fraction can be further enhanced with the use of a HM series hammer mill that returns a proler with dimensions between 20 and 40 mm. The P01 motor crushing press has a production capacity from 6 to 8 T/H.

• Use of renowned components: Linde Hydraulic, Schneider electronics/ Telemecanique

• Iron-aluminium separation directly from the vibrating table with magnetic drum separator

• Maximum enhancement of the initial product

• High thrust power greater than 200 T

• Weight of machine > 10T

Engine crusher for endothermic motor recycling, aluminium engines and gearbox from End - of - life vehicles (ELVs)

Engine Crusher P01

Dimensions :

5000x1816x3250(h) mm

Hopper dimensions :

1800x1800 mm


9000 kg


45 kW

Press power:  

220 Ton


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