Wood waste shredding, paper, cardboard

Wood Waste shredding and recycle of types of wood, paper, cardboard

Wood waste shredding, paper, cardboard are valuable materials to consider just waste! The recycling of wood and paper waste is important for the circular economy. Stokkermill has designed and manufactured various types of wood and paper shredders to fit your needs. Robust, powerful, reliable, and low maintenance required. Stokkermill machinery, properly combined, allows to process and recycle various types of wood and paper waste, in particular: 

The processing of paper, cardboard, paper waste, packaging, confidential documents and paper for pulping is carried out by shredding the material. 

Equipmet for wood and plastic recycling : 

Industrial Twin-shaft shredder : https://www.stokkermill.com/recycling-machines/twin-shaft-industrial-shredders

Double-shaft shredder : https://www.stokkermill.com/recycling-machines/industrial-multi-crusher-lc

Industrial Single-shaft shredder : https://www.stokkermill.com/en/single-shaft-industrial-shredders

Pre-Shredder : https://www.stokkermill.com/en/single-shaft-industrial-shredders