four shaft industrial shredder

Volumetric reduction and roughing of bulky waste

Four-shaft industrial shredders – F

The Stokkermill range of electric or hydraulic four-shaft industrial shredders has been designed for the crushing of many types of materials and for the dimensional control at the exit thanks to the presence of interchangeable classifying grids.

Extremely versatile, made for intensive use, the industrial shredders of the F series are the result of a cutting-edge project that aims to create efficient and versatile machines.

The exclusive system of interchangeable shafts and the use of grids with anti-wear treatments has led to a drastic reduction of management costs and maintenance interventions.

Made in different configurations, sizes and powers, they are ideal for the volumetric reduction and roughing of:

  • scrap and scrap of electrical and electronic materials, WEEE
  • parts coming from the demolition of vehicles (bumpers, tanks, dashboards, sheet metal)
  • bulky plastics
  • electric cables
  • PFU out-of-use tires
  • scrap metal
  • tins
  • aluminum profiles and metal profiles
  • composite materials
  • generic industrial waste



26 kW


1200x2500x1600 mm

Weight (kg)

4000 Kg

Hopper size

1200×1200 mm

Rotor size

4x800x220 mm

Four-shaft industrial shredders – F