Aluminum shredder

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Aluminium shredding plant

Aluminium shredders and sorting : shredding plants for non-ferrous metals aims at obtaining materials that are homogeneous in various types and sizes, functional to the processing steps in the steel industry. The proper preparation of the material for shredding, in terms of quality and size, helps to increase the added value of the scrapping plants. Aluminum shredders plants and machinery, properly combined, allow maximum exploitation of the metal components through grinding, shredding and separation, with the use of single-shaft shredders, twin-shaft shredders, bladed granulators, separation and deferrization systems. The metals that can be processed by the Stokkermill machinery are indicatively:

  • metal scrap generally coming from the collection of metal, aluminium, copper, bronze scrap
  • aluminium scrap, aluminium cans, aluminium profiles and sections
  • aluminium frames
  • light collection scrap, metal containers and barrels
  • inert war devices, cartridges, etc.
  • radiators with aluminium blades

Equipmet for aluminium and non-ferrous shredding and recycling plants and lines: 

Hydlauric shredder

Hammer Mill

Twin-shaft shredder

Dual-shaft shredder

Double-shaft shredder


Video for aluminum and non-ferrous recycling plants:

aluminium scrap for shredding plant