Armoured cables recycling

Armored cables recycling are much more difficult for the armor which makes impossible to process it with the use of traditional cable recycling plants

How to armoured cables recycling.

- Hammer mill or cable stripper - 

Armoured cables are protected from the physical damages, mechanical forces, and other vibration shocks and also to give proper tension and strength during installation and handling. In addition to the protection, the armored part can be as a shield for electromagnetic fields and often as an earth conductor. Consequently, the mechanical and electrical requirements during cable installation and operation determine the type of armor to be used.

Steel wire braid (SWB)

Steel wire armored (SWA)

Steel tape armored (STA)

Steel strips armored (SSA)

(reference: Comcavi - Italy -

armoured cables recycling
armoured cables

The recycling of armored cables are much more difficult by the presence of the armor which makes impossible to process it with the use of traditional cable recycling plants

The recycling of TECK cables and BX cables can be used in the industrial plants of the M series with an industrial pre-shredder of the CSR series.

The industrial single shaft shredder is able to shred the iron or aluminum armor.

M line recycling plant

It is then necessary to remove the outer surface of the cable, consisting of the insulation and the metal armor.
The armor is generally removed by using a stripper for large diameter cables. The Stokkermill Black Box stripper for armored cables is able to easily remove the armor.

Hammer mills are an alternative solution for the recycling industries who are interested in processing large quantities of armored cables.
The Stokkermill hammer mills “HM” series are able to crush the armor, afterward with using magnet separation systems such as overbelt magnet separators for sorting of the ferrous fractions.

Hammer Mill HM

The two systems are equivalent and both steps are for preparing the armored cables to be processed with Stokkermill traditional cable recycling lines.