Car looms and wire harness recycling

Vehicles destined for demolition and recycling activities contain important quantities of electric wiring (the current average is of about 25 kg per vehicle); these quantities will increase with the implementation of further electric and electronic devices in modern vehicles and with the arrival of hybrid and electric power systems. The performance of the automotive wiring is high and it is expected to exceed 50-55% in the metal/insulation ratio. Stokkermill has created a series of technical measures and innovations that allow the processing of automotive wiring and the recovery of the contained copper. The Stokkermill CL system allows all types of automotive cable to be processed without removing glue and adhesives present within them, thank to an automatic system that neutralizes adhesive components and components contaminated with oil and grease. In the lines with the pre-grinder, the particular design of the rotor allows to process the wiring without the need of removing the ferrous parts within it (connections, plugs, anchoring systems, etc.), which are removed and separated from the recycling line without the intervention of the operator. These devices make the recycling of car cables highly profitable as they greatly reduce the need for manual intervention in the preparation of the material to be treated. The final screening systems allow to obtain high quality of output copper without the contamination of plastic and other metals.

Equipmet for wire harness recycling : 

Wire granulator  :

Copper shredder single-shaft shredder :

Industrial shredder twin-shaft shredder :

Aluminum shredder single-shaft hydraulic shredder :

Vibrating separator:

Cable Stripper :

Video of wire harness recycling plant M150 :