Copper recovery from plastic

Plants and machines for recovering plastic granulate and the recovery of metal particles, copper and aluminum

Metals refining and separation plant

Refining and separation for plastic granules: Plants and machines for recovering plastic granulate resulting from the recycling of cables may contain metal micro-particles deriving from the processing of incoming materials. The ferrous particles are isolated with special magnets while the particles of non-ferrous materials can be effectively separated by vibrating screens of the VB series. If a cleaning of the plastic fraction close to 100% is required, it is recommended to use the electrostatic separators of the E-Sorting series which exploit the electrical conductivity differential of the different materials. Thanks to the electrostatic separators, even the micro-particles invisible to the naked eye can be easily recovered. The technology uses the difference in conductivity between insulating materials and the conductive fraction to achieve separation. The insulators remain fixed to the roller connected to the ground by an electrostatic force, while the conductors, which lose their charge, are thrown from the roller by the centrifugal force generated. The E-Sorting electrostatic separators can be used individually or in pairs according to the input materials and are made in two standard sizes with 600 or 1200 mm shafts. In addition to the standard executions, Stokkermill is able to manufacture machines of any size and capacity according to the specific needs of the final operator. Stokkermill produces systems that allow the recovery of metal particles (copper and aluminum) present in the plastic fraction from cable recycling activities. The advantage is double:

  • recovery of large metal quantities that would otherwise be lost in the plastic fraction;
  • cleaning of the plastic fraction from metal and ferrous residues to facilitate the recycling of the insulating materials themselves.

The systems produced by Stokkermill are extremely flexible and can easily be integrated into existing systems of other manufacturers. Stokkermill generally recommends the use of the turbo refiner, densimetric separation boards, vibrating screens.

refined and separated copper