Copper meatball recycling - recovery and processing

Make shredding meatball a profitable undertaking

Copper meatball scrap is coming out from crushing step with large hammer mills which is able to grinding of engine starters and alternators. Copper meatballs are consisting of ferrous materials and copper parts. Large hammer mills tend to deform electric motors, making it difficult to separate the ferrous fraction of the copper metal. The flow of the copper meatball fraction is usually separated; thus the fraction can be processed separately to sort the ferrous fraction from the non-ferrous metal mainly copper. Considering the price of copper separated from the shredded scrap is becoming more valuable and make shredding a profitable undertaking. The meatball process is a cost-effective method by which copper is crushed in a hammer mill shredder and separated into copper and ferrous fractions. A medium-sized hammer mill of the HM series with 100-150 kW is the best solution for copper meatball processing. The hammer mill shredder is equipped with an interchangeable grading grid that allows meatball crushing for separating the metal fractions. The hammer mills for metal scrap are used for copper meatball recovery for recycling of industrial electric motors, alternators and starter motors with a total weight of less than 12 kg. These are therefore extremely flexible solutions that allow to operate as auxiliary equipment at the sorting step. HM series is also suitable for the recycling of shredded engine scrap like copper meatball and the recycling of electric motors of different types with a weight of less than 15 kg. Stokkermill hammer mills are made entirely in Italy, therefore, the quality and reliability are guaranteed. All machines are equipped with a remote assistance directly connected with the Stokkermill engineering department.

A magnet separator is able to make the final separation between the ferrous fraction and the non-ferrous metal fraction such as copper. The equipment generally used for copper meatball processing is as follows:

Hammer mills  HM80, HM100 and HM120 with a power output of up to 315 kw; 

• Vibrating plan for extraction of output

• Magnet separators such as overbelt magnet or magnet drum