Cable shredder

Copper wires aluminium cables granulator, plants and machines for industrial cabling and automotive wiring harness, for the recovery shredding of conductive metals and copper and aluminium

Copper shredders, aluminium wires granulator, plant and machines for industrial copper cables recycling are important resources for the recovery of conductive metals within them, especially copper and aluminium. Stokkermill has extensive experience in the recycling of electric cables with a range of specific equipment that can treat from 80 to over 5.000 kg/h. Cables Shredding Machinery and Plants

Stokkermill is able to provide technical solutions for the recycling particularly problematic materials such as:

Equipmet for cable recycling : 

Wire granulator 

Copper shredder single-shaft shredder

Copper shredder twin-shaft shredder

Aluminum shredder single-shaft hydraulic shredder

Vibrating separator

Cable Stripper

Cable shredding plant
Cable shredding plant

Video for Copper recycling/shredding plant: