Teck cable shredding

TECK cable shredding and recycling, complete recycling plants for TECK cables, creating specific separators for TECK cables with a high degree of copper - aluminum separation

teck cables recycling

TECK cable shredding and recycling plants: the recycling of TECK cables represents some operational difficulties that Stokkermill has solved by creating specific separators for TECK cables (TECK cable separators series). TECK cables generally consist of a copper conductive part, polyurethane protection, aluminium reinforcement and a PVC outer cover. TECK cables are particularly resistant and can be used without additional protection systems. The recycling of TECK cables is complicated by the need to separate the metal copper fraction from the external aluminium fraction. TECK series separators are designed and manufactured to allow a high degree of separation between the two metal fractions. These are high precision copper and aluminum metal fractions separators. Motion control mechanics and electronic components have been revised and adapted to obtain a subdivision of metals close to 100%. TECK cable separators are precision systems that allow efficient separations even between materials of relatively similar specific weight and therefore adapt to different uses compared to the main one related to TECK cable recycling. TECK cables are particularly frequent in North America and Canada where they are used in various civil and industrial In fact, from the needs and requests of operators in the North American market, the need to develop specific systems for recycling and recovery of TECK cables was born.