Wood waste recycling

Wood waste recycling, shredding and wood-derived waste treatment, processing machinery and equipment for packaging, pallets, lumber, and cardboards

Wood waste recycling, shredding and wood-derived waste treatment: Stokkermill produces machinery and plants for the recycling and treatment of wood and paper waste as part of the circular economy and energy transition processes. The aim is to reduce waste and pollution extending the life of resources and transforming them. The recycling of wood and paper and the transformation of waste into raw materials enable new and efficient products to be manufactured in a market that is environmentally sustainable and preserves raw materials. Wood and paper waste have always been reusable and reused resources and today, with new recycling technologies, the possibilities for reusing these materials are constantly expanding. Wood waste usually takes the form of pallets, crates, wooden furniture, construction wood and municipal waste wood. The wood recycling process starts with the milling of the wood, which is followed by the cleaning phase from any pollutants and the separation of any metal parts. After cleaning, the fibres obtained are processed into new products such as wood chips, wood flour and other basic materials. The energy transition: Recycled wood is one of the energy sources, the so-called renewables, that is and will be increasingly applied and used in energy transition processes. Stokkermill is able to produce complete solutions and "turnkey" recycling plants thanks to a wide range of complementary, versatile and performing machines and equipment.  Shredders and pre shredders, mills and equipment for the transport and for the management and quality control of recycled materials. Stokkermill is aware of the importance of the wood recycling industry and its contribution to circular economy processes and is constantly committed to the development of innovative solutions tailored to the different needs of professional users.

Wood waste recycling machinery, properly combined, allows to process and recycle various types of wood and paper waste, in particular: 

  • pallet
  • bulky wood waste (furniture, wardrobes, desks, etc.)
  • wood scraps from processing 
  • chipboard panels
  • trunks and branches