Why is recycling aluminium so important? - How to recycle coffee capsules/pods

How to recycle coffee capsules, Why is recycling aluminium so important?

In the Aluminum recycling sector, according to the International Aluminum Institute, Aluminium can be recycled endlessly without losing any quality like copper. Aluminium recycling requires up to 95% less energy than primary aluminium production.


Recently, we are facing the issue of recycling of used coffee pods/capsules.

The easiest way to have a nice espresso for using coffee pods, more than 40% of US households own an espresso pod machine; in the UK, it’s nearly one third. Even many Michelin-starred restaurants have opted for them

Unfortunately, major parts of pods are not being recycled, however, Nespresso has been encouraging their customers for recycling coffee capsules. They have started to collaborate with the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), and Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR).

Their capsule recycling program will influence all the coffee pods lovers to remind that coffee capsules are recyclable and could be the part of the circular economy.

Stokkermill offers various solutions for the recycling of coffee pods/capsules.

Who wants to start the recycling of coffee pods, we could offer Stokkermill pre-shredder PS +  conveyor belt with magnet NST4000 + granulator with turbo unit K500 + eternal filtration system SMF. With this K500turboflex line, you could recover high-purity aluminium from used coffe capsules! Stokkermill K500turboflex line, you can also use it for wire/ cable recycling plant.

Who wants to specialized in the coffee pods recycling, we could offer Stokkermill Industrial pre-shredder PS + impact mills + densimetric separation table VT + external filtration system SMF.

With our shaker table (densimetric separation table), you are able to obtain high-grade aluminium with minimum maintenance required. 

Separation plant for coffee capsules
Separation plant for coffee capsules

Equipment for coffee capsules recycling :

Industrial Pre-shredder /Industrial single-shaft shredder : 


Granulator for recycling of coffee pods :


Impact mills :


Shaker table as sorting solution :


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