Cable stripper for armored cables - Teck and BX cables

Cable stripper ST45100 is the latest model of cable stripper is designed and manufactured by Stokkermill Recycling Machinery. ST45100 is made with a pair of shafts to make a double cut on the cables with dimensions between 5 and 100 mm. Cable stripper is equipped with 12 modules for efficient working for the diameter from 5 to 100 mm. The diameter of the inlet modules can be easily adjusted by an axis movement system to adapt the distance between the blades for any cable diameter. Equipped with an electric drive for an easy  adjustment of the speed and the cutting precision allows exceptional performance in all conditions.ST45100 is the ideal machine for industrial operators who require absolute performance. Cable stripper ST45100 is also able to treat cables with light armoured such as BX or TECK cables. ST45100 completes the Stokkermill range consisting of 4 models capable of processing cables from small diameter cables up to large armoured cables.

Stripper ST1600 for processing electrical cables from 2 to 35 mm. It is an extremely simple, compact and reliable machine. The ST1600 cable peeler is equipped with a single blade-drive and a contrast roller. All the component and mechanical parts are made in Italy, and we assemble them with care in our warehouse, therefore the ST1600 stripper the best in its category.

Stripper ST33100 cable stripper is an extremely versatile model. Combine a double cutting system. The first with blade-drive for wires and cables, diameters from 5 to 30mm where the double incision of the sheath is not necessary; the second consists of two blades which allow making a double incision on copper cables and aluminium cables with rigid insulation and diameters between 30 and 60 mm. The easy adjustment and the cutting speed make the ST33100 stripper an extremely versatile machine suitable for all professional users.

Black Box Stripper ST57100 for armoured cables coming from underground and submarine. It is an innovative cable stripper and particularly robust machine capable of removing the insulation of armoured cables up to a diameter of 130mm. Armoured cables must be reduced to a length not exceeding 100 - 150 mm to allow easy handling. Once the insulation and the metal component have been removed, the cables can be processed with Stokkermill industrial cable recycling lines.