Copper recycling and waste management have become more important !

According to the International Copper Study Group (ICSG), about 50% of the copper used in Europe comes from recycling.

Copper recycling and waste management have become an important part of the supply chain, saving on landfill site space and incentivising the recycling of other materials.

In 2014, 2.1 million tons of copper were reused in Europe, coming from end-of-life products and directly-recycled factory waste. This increased recycling of copper is being driven by the growth in use of the metal across the planet and by demand for world class European companies’ pioneering technologies allowing for increased efficiency in refining secondary (low grade) scrap and in processing for direct melt high purity copper scrap. We find copper in the equipment modern life depends upon more and more,high-tech products,electrical installations,eletric motors.


Stokkermill has various solutions for the complete lines of cables recycling and electric motors recycling.

From shreddring to refining then recovering high purity copper.

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