Compact granulator, copper cable grinder K750 @ Ecomondo 2021

Compact granulator
Compact granulator

The  smallest compact copper cable machine, Stokkermill K750 granulator, was a massive hit. We've already delivered K750 granulators to our customers  in the spring of 2021 but the debut took place at Ecomondo 2021. The granulator is realized in 2 versions with 5,5 kw and 7,5 kw. Motors. We had been working on to make a machine a bit different from the usual with the table inserted in a transversal way inside the structure. I must say that it was a magnificent engineering engagment which led to a reduction in construction and assembly costs. We can say that we did create simple but functional and efficient system that was what we wanted to achieve. The compact granulator K750 is suitable for  electronic and electrical waste collectors who run a small activities and have low volume of cables but who still intend to make the most of their materials. The compact granulator K750 is also aimed at operators who intend to start a new activity in the electronic materials recycling segment and production companies wishing to manage internally the recovery of waste materials as part of circular economy.

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copper cable grinder
Copper cable grinder