Compact refiner hammer mill for scrap

Mobile and compact hammermill
Mobile and compact hammermill

Compact refiner hammer mill for scrap recycling HM60. The primary refiner mill Stokkermill HM60 is the most performing model of the HM series that includes the refiner mill HM45 with power of 22-37 Kw and the primary mill HM60. HM60 is an extremely versatile refiner primary mill capable of refining industrial waste, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, mixed metals and electrical and electronic materials. The HM60 hammer mill is an extremely compact machine in size, easy to handle and easily transportable. The HM60 is also available in a removable version to facilitate positioning and transport. The mill is positioned on a platform and is inserted inside a soundproof structure that, however, allows easy access for maintenance operations.

The HM60 compact hammer mill is the ideal refiner for recycling the following materials:

  • car recycling materials from vehicle demolition
  • recycling of car parts
  • recycling of brake pads
  • recycling of electronic control units
  • recycling of undifferentiated scrap
  • recycling of aluminium and copper
  • recycling of batteries and accumulators
  • recycling of copper transformers
  • recycling car radiators
  • recycling of electronic equipment
  • recycling of bronze scrap
  • wire recycling
  • recycling of aluminium profiles
  • recycling of aluminum crankcase
  • recycling of electric motors, alternators, starter motors

The HM45 and HM60 hammer mills are increasingly used in the recycling industry and in the circular economy as they guarantee the recovery of raw materials with high efficiency and low operating costs.