Copper cable separators

Copper cable separators: Stokkermill has always designed and manufactured shredders for recycling copper cables or for recycling aluminium cables. Mills and shredders have always been the focus of Stokkermill which has contributed to the evolution of these equipment making it increasingly practical, efficient, and robust. The research and innovation together with the quality of the materials allow Stokkermill to create extremely reliable machines so that it can offer its customers a 24-month warranty on its products.

copper cable separator

With over twenty models of shredders for cable recycling,  the Stokkermill range of copper recycling machines is the largest in the market with production capacities from 80 to over 3000 kg/h.  

The range of copper granulators is divided into seven series:

- K750 series compact cable granulators

- KS series cable granulators

- Flexi series cable granulators

- Turbo series shredders

- Turboflex cable granulators

- Multiflex Zig-Zag series

- Cable recycling lines and industrial cable recycling plants tailored to the needs of the end customer

All our machines are manufactured in Italy, at our factory in Udine with the best components on the European market. Over the years Stokkermill has developed and adopted innovative systems for the processing of cables such as turbo refiners, which allow the processing of cables of different diameters, up to the thinnest < to 1 mm, zigzag separators, the refining systems for the separation of metals other than copper, present in the cables, the stainless steel separators often present in the cables from the demolition of vehicles.

optical sorter
Optical sorting machines of the OS series

In recent years, Stokkermill engaged the development of optical separation technologies, allowing to obtain unthinkable purity levels in the recycling of particularly complex cables with the presence of other metals such as lead, tin, bronze.