Copper cables grinding equipment K250

Copper cables grinding equipment, for the treatment of copper and aluminum cables and the recycling of copper and aluminum radiators. The latest model of cable granulators is the K-250. Also in this case it is an extremely simple, efficient and reliable shredder, as in the tradition of Stokkermill products. The K-250 is built with a blade mill separate from the densimetric table. Thanks to its configuration the K-250 cable shredder is able to reach a production of 250-300 kg / h depending on the sorting screen installed. The granulator has an extremely efficient transport system for the granulated material from the mill to the separation table and able to contain the operating temperature of the blade mill to below 40-50 °. The low height of the blade mill facilitates maintenance and fine-tuning. The 25-kW motorization allows the K-250 cable shredder to operate at two thirds of the maximum power, reducing its energy consumption. The K-250 granulator can be equipped with the turbo unit and with the Zig-Zag separator. However, in the basic configuration, it can meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The K-250 shredding mill is generally offered with a PS-600 single shaft pre-grinder or with a D-10 double shaft shredder, a conveyor belt with magnetic separator and an external dust collection filter.