Electric Motors Recycling system

Thinking about electoric motors recycling, it has been difficult to find a stress-free recycling plant.

Stokkermill give you the right solution for electric motors recycling plant, completely automatic system.

Watch this video , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJhaWuCTCLs

You may put the whole electric motors without cutting them to Stokkermill’s hammer mill. Through the Hammer mill, we can obtain the mix metal fraction such as copper, aluminum and plastic. These mix metal fraction goes to a shredder for the first reduction. After this shredder,we have an Eddy Current separator to separate inert and metals.

Through the eddy current, we have the metal fraction which goes to another shredder for the second reduction. Then we have a blade mill to granulate the materials for the separation with a vibrating table. As a final separation, we have a densimetric table. Here you’ll obtain the copper fraction and other metals. As you see, you are able to recover a good quality of copper with Stokkermill-s HM line.


This electoric motors recycling system can be used for processing alternators,starters,refrigerator compressors,meatballs.

Stokkermill has developed complete range of heavy-duty hammer mills in order to suit the different customer's needds in terms of applications and throughput.

Hammer mills are avilable in different sizes and different power requirements.