Ferrous scrap pre shredders

Pre shredder for ferrous scrap single-shaft series for shredding metal scraps are the ideal solution for a fine refining of metals, cables and other types of materials. Metal separation requires refinement to grain sizes under 15-20 mm to improve the efficiency of magnetic separators or eddy current separators. The metals pre-crusher one-shaft consists of a cutting chamber inside which there is a rotor on which the cutting plates are fixed. A pusher operated by a hydraulic pump, the pusher moves forward to push the materials towards the rotor for smooth grinding. A PLC allows you to manage and control the movements of the rotor and pusher according to the forces that are generated inside the cutting chamber. In case of over-loading the rotor will stop and reverse the rotation and then restart in the cutting direction avoiding damage to the cutting teeth. The single-shaft shredder for ferrous scrap is equipped with a classifier screen positioned under the rotor. The classifier screen of the primary shredder allows to control the size of the output material according to the customer's needs. The separation of metals will then be simpler and more effective.

The industrial pre-shredders for ferrous scrap range made by Stokkermill are in three models:

pre shredder scrap metal
PS series shredder for relatively light materials
shredder ferrous scrap
CSR series shredder for ferrous and tenacious scrap
ferrous scrap pre shredders
C series with hydraulic transmission shredder for metal scrap and ferrous scrap

These are extremely versatile, robust and efficient pre shredder with extremely low consumption. The maintenance required is extremely simple and is reduced to the simple replacement of the cutting teeth which is carried out in an extremely simple way. The teeth are reversible to give more their duration and cutting performance.

Industrial pre-shredders are indicated for the following activities:

  • Primary shredder for pre-shredding of ferrous scrap
  • Pre-shredders for metal scrap primary shredding
  • Pre-shredders for preshreddering bulky waste
  • Pre-shredders for shredding of municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Primary shredder for shredding of WEEE electric and electronic scrap
  • pre-shredder for electric cable
  • Primary shredders for shredding of copper cable
  • Pre-shredders for shredding of aluminium cable
  • Primary shredders for shredding of copper radiators
  • Pre-shredders for shredding of aluminium radiators
  • Primary shredder for aluminium scrap
  • Pre shredders for shredding copper copper
  • Pre shredders for shredding of iron tubes and pipes scraps
  • Primary shredder for cans and metal containers waste
  • Pre-shredder for plastic containers scrap shredding
  • shredders for plastic scrap
  • Pre-shredders for electronic boards PCB
  • Shredders for industrial transformers waste
  • Pre-shredders for PVC agricultural fabric
  • Pre-shredders for shredding of industrial scrap
  • Preshredders for scrap of motor vehicles
  • Primary shredders for shredding of aluminium profiles
  • Pre-shredders for pressed scrap
  • Shredders for shredding of pressed metals waste