Cables recycling

How to : wires and cables recycling – how to obtain maximum performance in the recycling of electrical waste 

The China waste Import ban gave a big impact on the recycling industries in the world. 

Every country has facing difficulties how to manage their waste within their own country. 

However, when one door closed another one opens, and many companies want to take advantage of the opportunities arising. The high-value materials could recover  such as copper , aluminium  from these electrical cables/wires and their recovery are an important source of circular economy. 

Stokkermill has been designing and projecting of cable recycling solutions since 2004. We offer various solutions of cable recycling machinery and plants.

Customers who are new to cable recycling business but see large potential in it are looking to either entry-level cables/wires granulator or set up a complete recycling plant. Customers who have cable recycling line and are looking to either expand their system or to optimize it by adding on a pre-shredder or additional separation equipment. 

Stokkermill has an answer for Increasing the demand of recycling data/telecommunications cables. Stokkermill turbo unit allows to process these kinds of thin cables with other dimensions cables without changing a classifier screen in order to keep the production rate.

Also, you don’t need to separate them manually before processing, therefore, you can improve work efficiency. 

Other hot issue for the recycling industry is wire harness and car looms recycling. Stokkermill offers industrial solutions for wire harness recycling. You could process wire harness without cutting plugs and metal parts and you could also process cables with grease and tapes and recover high purity copper 

Entry-level copper granulators K-S series :

Professional line K series :

Data/ telecomunication recycling line :

Industrial cable and wire harness recycling line M series :

Industrial Pre-shredder /Industrial shredder :

Separation equipment :

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