Industrial shredder reduction

Shredder for reduction Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The range of single shaft industrial shredders designed and manufactured by Stokkermill is extremely wide and able to meet the needs of professional users who are looking for machines with production from 200 kg to over 5 T/H. The range consists of four series with particular technical features: 

single-shaft industrial pre-shredders
PS series : Electric single-shaft industrial pre-shredders with gear motor. Versatile and robust.
single-shaft shredders
CSR series : Electric single-shaft shredders. For significant loads and tough materials. 
Hydraulic single-shaft shredders
C series : Hydraulic single-shaft shredders. Suitable for the first reduction of large volumes of waste.
 Industrial primary shredder
MFS series: Industrial primary shredder /refiner.  Suitable for the refining and reduction of heterogeneous materials.