Laboratory machines for precision separation

The laboratory equipment is born out of the design experience that Stokkermill has developed over decades in the design and construction of machinery for the treatment and recycling of complex materials and industrial waste.  Thus the StokkermilLab range was born, serving the world of research and process analysis.  The move from the industrial to the laboratory environment has enabled the introduction of significant technical features that simplify the work of researchers and analysts. Simple and reliable solutions, typical of the industrial application, but sophisticated and equipped with parameter control systems capable that can broaden and better define the field of use. The laboratory machines made by StokkermilLab are oriented towards the processes of crushing and reducing materials and the subsequent separation of fractions of different nature, form and characteristics. More specifically, StokkermilLab produces the following ranges of products for scientific research and process control and verification activities:

Laboratory mills

Material cutting, reduction and crushing systems

- Micro-blade mills

- Impact micro-mills

- Hammer micro-mills

- Micro-sphere mills

- Turbine micro-dusters

- Micro-jaw crushers

The micro-mills of the StokkermilLab series allow the crushing of materials of different nature and are able to reach even fine grain sizes thanks to the use of grading grids of different gradations. They can be equipped with PLCs for speed control and can be connected to Intranet systems for process data logging.

Laboratory separators

Material separation systems

- Micro-valves of densimetric separation

- Laboratory electrostatic micro-separators

- Triboelectric micro-loaders

- Micro sieves for particle size separation

- Micro-magnets

- Optical micro-separators

Like the cutting and crushing systems, the separation equipment can also be equipped with a PLC for connection to Intranet networks to control and record operating data and parameters. StokkermilLab laboratory machines are built with high-precision adjustment systems to increase accuracy in setting tasks. The laboratory machines are prepared for functional interconnection, resulting in micro-lines capable of simulating industrial-scale processes. StokkermilLab systems can be used for an almost infinite range of materials due to the versatility of the equipment and the accuracy of the construction. StokkermilLab is able to build customised machines and systems to customer specification.

For illustrative and non-exhaustive purposes only:

- Materials from the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment

- Separation of plastic from metal in general

- Separation of metals from ash

- Separation of metal fractions in materials from mining processes

laboratory equipments
Laboratory equipments