Lithium battery recycling equipment

Lithium battery recycling equipment for the treatment of ion-lithium batteries.

Recycling of electric vehicle batteries was the central theme of the ICBR conference held, as usual, in Salzburg Austria. Experts in this field and the automotive industry from gathered countries around the world, underscoring the importance and relevance of the topic. Stokkermill with technical sales manager for Central Europe, Paul Jansen, attended ICBR 2022 as an exhibitor. As a supplier of electric vehicle battery recycling technology and equipment, we were exchanging and evaluating opportunities for synergies with other technology companies in the supply chain. Electric Vehicle Battery (EVB) Cars are the main solution for the green revolution and sustainable mobility Therefore, the treatment of electric vehicle batteries is a challenge that needs to be solved to close the cycle of the transition from combustion engines to electric power. The production of e-car batteries is increasing by an average of 25 percent per year. In the coming years, the number of batteries to be disposed of and recycled will be significant, thus requiring efficient technological solutions with low environmental and energy impact. Recycling and treatment of ion-lithium batteries therefore remains a challenge involving the scientific way and industry. The setting provided by the ICBR congress, which focuses on the topic of battery treatment, is well suited for the exchange of skills, knowledge, and experience by enabling the implementation of innovative and effective systems and technologies. Electric Vehicle Battery treatment and recycling techniques will develop more efficiently whereas stakeholders are open to active projects and practices of cooperation, experimentation, and dissemination of technical knowledge. This will us to be able to operate in a complementary manner within own specific competences. Stokkermill Recycling Machinery is strongly involved in the research and application of systems and technologies for the treatment of batteries and accumulators, alkaline and farm batteries, lithium batteries, and batteries from EVB´s. Investing permanently in research and development on new technologies enables Stokkermill to design and implement technical solutions to support battery treatment and recycling processes. Thanks to the work done and the skills and experience acquired, Stokkermill has been able to initiate collaborative projects with companies and research organizations of international significance.