Meet our partner " Moley Magnetics "in the US

We visited our partner "Moley Magnetics " in Lockport (NY) from 24 to 27 February.

We have great meetings during our stay and we felt full of good vibesfrom team Moley Magnetics!!

The partnership of Stokkermill and Moley Magnetics has started since 2015 and Moley Magnetics is proud to distributeStokkermill Recycling Machinery in the US and in Canda.

Moley Magnetics originally started as a motor repair shop and thyehaven’t lost touch with our roots. In fact this part of the business hasexpanded greatly over the years. Not only does Moley offer motor, pump andgenerator repairs, but we also offer specialty services, such as, customfabrication, machining, VFD programming & panel building.

If you have any questions about Stokkermill recycling machinery, pleasecall Moley Magnetics.

Our team will happy to help you!

Moley Magnetics website

Contact  directly at 1 (844) M-MAGNET (662-4638) /