Metal refining mill HM45 @ Ecomondo 2021

Metal refining mill HM45 hammer mill for refining was presented during the international trade fair Ecomondo 2021 in Rimini.

refiner mill for metal refining

The HM45 hammer mill is an extremely versatile that adapts well to the needs of recyclers more sensitive to the different needs of the market. The HM45 hammered machine has a rotor with 16 hammers and the possibility to replace the classifier grid available in different sizes and design depending on the customers's needs. During the design phase of the hammer mill it was considered the need to limit and simplify the replacement times of the classifier screen, an operation that can be carried out in a few minutes in an intuitive way. HM45 hammer mill is suitable for installation in  small spaces. Handling can be carried out easily with the use of a medium-capacity forklift.

The refining hammer mill has been designed to work ferrous materials with a weight not exceeding 5-6 kg, therefore, HM45 is perfect for the processing of:

refiner with hammers
  • Grinding of small undifferentiated industrial waste - medium size
  • Milling of light scrap from undifferentiated scrap collection
  • Recycling of electronic and electrical scrap, recycling of electrical equipment, recycling of WEEE
  • Recycling of water meters and gas meters
  • Recycling of waste hydraulic material
  • Recycling of electrical waste material
  • Recycling of electric motors
  • Recycling and processing of electrical transformers

The refining hammer mill is supplied with a vibrating discharge plan and, on request, with an over belt magnet for segregation of ferrous materials, it is placed at the exit of the discharge vibrating plan. The HM45 will be a great success determined from an extremely affordable cost of purchase and management, from the simplicity of construction and substitution of the classifier screens, the robust structure and the peculiarity of the movement of the hammers that avoid or limit damage from overloading of materials of non-compliant weight.

hammer mill refining