Metal separation plant, refining lines

Metal separation plants and lines for the recovery and refining of metals from the scrap recycling at Ecomondo 2021.

 Mixed metal refining and separation plant
Mixed metal refining and separation plant

The refining lines made by Stokkermill make use of the most efficient and modern devices developed by the Italian Company and can be designed for answering different requirements of the modern industry of the recycling. Each refining line is designed and manufactured following the requirements of the end user and in accordance with the type of the material to be refined and recycled. Improving the quality of the metals is an important target to be reached for getting the best economical return in such a competitive market. The refining and recycling lines fit for an ample range of industrial scrap and materials: - Metals from the scrap recycling, - Metals from the electrical and electronic scrap recycling (WEEE recycling), - Electric motors recycling, - Materials from the automotive recycling industry, - More in general for the recovery of undifferentiated scrap. Stokkermill Recycling Machinery have been developing continuously new devices and technologies for offering the best solutions to the market.

vertical delamination mill
Vertical mills

The impact delamination mill DM series allows the material reduction to few mm size which is the proper dimension for the following sorting activities. The big advantage of the impact delamination mill by Stokkermill is the low maintenance required thanks to the special design of the hammers and the quality of the materials used for the construction.

magnetic separator
Magnetic separator

The magnetic separators of the OB series allow the separation of magnetic fractions from the flow of heterogeneous materials with great precision. The Stokkermill vibrating tables are able to spread the material evenly to improve the efficiency of the OB magnets.

inox separator
Inox separator

The supermagnets of the SS series are capable of separating paramagnetic and non-magnetic metals with a power of 11000-15000 Gauss. The SS100 stainless steel Separator is also used in the field of plastic recycling and regeneration whereas is important to segregate the metal and ferrous impurities to safeguard the extrusion and molding processes.

separator Foucault streams
Separator Foucault streams

The Eddy current device of the EC Stokkermill series is a flexible machine which makes an efficient separation of the non-magnetic metals form the organic fraction.

mixed metal separator
Dry multiple densimetric table

The multiple dry densimetric tables by Stokkermill are designed for the separation of metals with different density. Up to eight tables can be put together for getting the best separation results.

optical metal - plastic separator
Optical separator

The optical separator Stokkermill OS detects the color and shape differences between the materials in the same fraction with the precision of a human eye. Thanks to this ability the Optical Sorter can separate the different fraction getting a high-quality fraction of clean metal. The Optical Sorter is available with different capacities and sizes.

Electrostatic separator
Electrostatic separator

The electrostatic separator Stokkermill thanks to the difference grade od conductivity present in the metals separates the higher conductivity fraction from the lower one allowing to remove plastic, rubber, paper, wood from the final stream. Its technology utilises the difference in conductivity between insulators and conductors.