Motor breaking machine wrecker

Motor breaking machine

Motor breaking machine wrecker machine made by Stokkermill Recycling Machinery is an extraordinary machine. An extremely efficient engine splitter, simple in construction and extremely reliable able to withstand the most severe shear stresses. The Stokkermill motor cutting machine is designed for use by recycling industry professionals and for companies most interested in circular economy. The electric engine cutting machine is able to recycle electric motors internal diameter referred to stator diameter between 50 mm (2") and 300 mm (12"). Indicatively, with power between 0.09 and 7.5 kw and up to 20-25 kg of weight. An extremely efficient but also particularly accurate engine splitter in design and construction. Stokkermill considered the issue of safety as an essential element in the design of the engine splitter. The Stokkermill electric motor wrecker is the only engine cutting machine in which all operations take place inside machine housing.

cut and extract copper

It means the cutting and extraction chambers shall be closed by two emergency doors fitted with protective systems which block any engine cutting drive in the event of accidental opening. The positioning of the stator in the chamber n.2, that of extraction of the copper winding, takes place through a magnetic system avoiding risks for the operator. The shear and release movements of the winding are carried out at controlled speed to avoid dangerous situations for the operator. The Stokkermill motor wrecker is equipped with two hydraulic pumps for the two functions (cutting and separating copper winding).

At the request of the customer Stokkermill is able to make motor wrecker equipment with different configuration than the standard one, adapting to the different needs of the user.The Stokkermill electric motor cutting machine weighs 2,200 kg and is designed to be easily and quickly handled with a medium-sized forklift. The dimensions  are as follows: 2100 x 900 x2350(h) mm. Like all equipment, the Stokkemrill motor cutting machine "E-motorchop" is made entirely in Italy and benefits from a 24-month warranty from the delivery date.

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