Pre-refiner hammer mill crusher HM80 @ Ecomondo 2021


Pre-refiner hammer mill crusher HM80 is a medium-sized mill with variable powers of 100-130 kw. The HM80 hammer mill can be used as a primary mill or as a refining mill. It is particularly suitable for the crushing of electrical and electronic waste in the recycling and recovery lines of WEEE, in the crushing of tins/cans and light metal scrap. The hammers with 360 º rotation have an average weight of between 16 and 24 kg. These hammers have a 360 º rotation. Stokkermill is able to provide different types of sorting grids depending on the material to be treated and the characteristics of the output material. The rationality of the design of hammer mills simplifies the operations of classifier grids replacement and maintenance and setting of the system.

The HM80 hammer mill is a perfect equipment for crushing and refining the following materials:

  • Crushing and refining of undifferentiated industrial waste of small - medium size
  • Crushing and refining of light scrap from undifferentiated scrap collection
  • Crushing and refining of electronic and electrical scrap, recycling of electrical equipment, recycling of WEEE
  • Crushing and refining of water meters and gas meters
  • Crushing and refining of waste hydraulic material
  • Crushing and refining of electrical waste
  • Crushing and refining of electric motors
  • Crushing and refining of electrical transformers

The HM80 hammer mill is supplied with a vibrating discharge table.

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