Pre-shredder for MSW treatment, single-shaft pre-shredder with sorting grid and hydraulic pusher. Stokkermill offers a particularly wide range of single-shaft pre-shredders. The single-shaft pre-shredders with pusher and sorting grid are versatile and reliable machines. Thanks to the sorting grid available in different sizes, it is easy to manage the size of the source material. The pusher makes it possible to determine the capacity of the machine and easily align it with downstream equipment such as blade mills or dividing lines in general. The Stokkermill range of single-shaft pre-shredders is divided into three families with different technical and design features, power, and production capacity. All Stokkermill pre-shredders are entirely made in Italy with the best components available on the European and world markets. All Stokkermill pre-mills have a 24-month manufacturer's warranty from the date of commissioning.


The PS series pre-shredder is a versatile and robust machine with low acquisition and management costs. Available with rotor dimensions from 600 to 1200 mm and powers from 11 to 55 kW. The pre-shredder PS is equipped with a sorting grid and a hydraulic drawer. It carries out primary shredding of plastic materials, metal materials, copper cables shredding, aluminum profiles shredding and metal scrap from undifferentiated collection.


The CSR series pre-shredder is a superior machine for heavier duty jobs. This pre-shredder is also equipped with a separating grid and a drawer. The CSR pre-shredder is available with outputs from 55 to 200 kW and with rotor dimensions from 900 to 2000 mm. The pre-shredders of the CSR series are generally equipped with electric drive however can also be equipped with hydraulic drive on the larger models. These are robust machines with all knives mounted on platen holders for ease of maintenance and reduced downtime.

primary shredders

C-Series primary shredders: These are machines equipped with a hydraulic drive suitable for heavy-duty use. All C-Series pre-shredders are equipped with sorting grids, available in different sizes to get the desired size in the first pass. The production parameters can easily be changed via the machine management PLC to adapt them to the material to be treated. The management PLC can vary the rotation speed of the rotor and the response times of the hydraulic pusher. The C series pre-shredder is an extremely versatile machine that adapts to the processing of different and heterogeneous materials: end-of-life tires (ELTs), aluminum waste from collection, aluminum profiles, copper-aluminum radiators, electrical and electronic scrap, (WEEE), armored cables, municipal waste, waste, and industrial waste in general. The pre-shredders of the C series are available with outputs from 150 to over 400 kW and with rotor dimensions from 1600 to 2800 mm. The C-series shredders can be manufactured with different sizes and capacities according to the end user's specific specifications.

pre-shredder fast

The MFS pre-shredder is the only shredder in the series without the hydraulic drawer. The pre-shredder is equipped with a high-speed rotor, which enables fine shredding even with tough metal fractions. The MFS pre-shredder refiners are available in three versions with a power of up to 200 kW and a rotor length of up to 1800 mm. The MFS pre-shredder is particularly versatile and useful as a pre-shredder, it can be used in recycling plants for WEEE, copper recycling plants, toner recycling plants, solar panel recycling plants, scrap and waste recycling plants.

January 24, 2022