Recycling line for Alkaline batteries

Recycling line for alkaline batteries allows you to recover the mass consisting mainly of alkaline electrolytes. Stokkermill has developed several systems of black-mass recovery from alkaline batteries through mechanical processes of shredding, screening, and the removal of metal parts. The recycling of alkaline batteries is complicated due to possible chemical reactions of electrolytes in the presence of oxygen. Technological research has enabled Stokkermill to optimise its alkaline battery recycling plants, avoiding these effects of electrolyte chemical reactions. The recycling of alkaline batteries performed with Stokkermill treatment plants allows for the separation of the black-mass fraction from the metal fraction ensuring high purity of the outgoing materials. The layout of the alkaline battery recycling plants is based on customer requirements, available space, and average quantities to be treated. Like all the recycling and recovery plants realized by Stokkermill, also the alkaline battery recycling plants can be realized in successive phases allowing the increase of the treatment capacities according to the market needs.

Recycling line for alkaline batteries
Recycling line for alkaline batteries

The recycling plants of alkaline batteries and recovery of the black-mass and the ferrous part use:

- D-series shredding systems

- HM-series refiners mills

- VB-series screening systems

Stokkermill designs and manufactures all products at its Udine plant using only the best components on the European market.

alkaline batteries

In addition to the alkaline battery treatment lines, Stokkermill designs and manufactures stacks and lines for the following materials:

- Copper and aluminium cables

- Electrical and electronic materials WEEE

- PCB electronic boards

- Solar panels and PV photovoltaic panels

- LCD screens

- Aluminium recycling

- Ferrous scrap

- Electric motors

- Toner recycling

- Coffee capsules

- Copper transformers

- Copper coils