Scrap shredder for metal shredding

scrap shredder
metal shredding

Scrap shredder for metal shredding of the D series are available in two versions with power ranging from 150 to 250 kw and rotors with lengths from 1,500 to 2,000 mm. Scrap shredders have an extremely robust cutting chamber with two rotors equipped with reversible sector blades. The rotor design and construction system allows the blades to be removed quickly without requiring the removal of the shafts from the cutting chamber. The blades themselves are made in different sizes according to the needs of the customer. Scrap shredder for metal shredding of the D series are made to perform a first reduction of ferrous scrap coming from the collection and for heavy-duty uses. The metal shredders are made with a hydraulic transmission system that is more suitable to withstand heavy loads. The rotation speed is reduced and adapts to the resistance of the material to be cut while always maintaining a high torque value. The shredders for scrap and metals are made entirely in Italy with the use of premium European components as well as SKF bearings, Linde and Reggiana Reducers for the pumps and hydraulic systems, electronic and automation Telemecanique. Remote control system allows to constantly monitor the performance of the machine. The scrap shredders are also equipped with a remote assistance system for the solution of anomalies remotely.

The scrap shredders guarantee a first reduction of the toughest materials and have an extremely varied field of use:

  • Shredders for scrap
  • Shredding of scrap
  • Shredders for metal shredding
  • Shredders for industrial transformers
  • Shredders for shredding armoured cables