Shredder copper transformer and windings shredding

Shredder copper transformer and windings shredding proposed by Stokkermill allows the recycling of copper windings. The recovery of copper from transformers requires a sequence of specific activities to obtain a clean copper, free of insulating materials and oily fluids. Transformers are widely used in electrical transformer cabins as a means of interfacing between high and very high voltage electricity transmission networks and those of medium and low voltage distribution that connect the power plants electricity generation at processing stations and, finally, to end-users (industrial and domestic). are also used as a fundamental element for the power supplies and chargers of electrical and electronic devices in the domestic and industrial. Industrial transformers have very variable weights and sizes and depending on the size is required a reduction that is generally carried out with the use of shears. After the shearing it is possible to obtain a volumetric reduction through a primary industrial shredder of the D series. 

In the second phase, a further volumetric reduction will be made with a hammer mill with power ranging from 150 to 350 kw depending on the required capacity and the general characteristics of the input material. The output material will be refined to obtain extremely high-quality copper and it would be considered as first-class material in the scrap market so can be obtained the maximum economic enhancement. The machines used for the treatment of transformers and the recovery and recycling of electrical windings have an extremely wide field of use that allows meeting various needs of companies engaged in the recycling of materials ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

Shredder windings from transformer

Primary double-shaft shredders with hydraulic transmission may be used for the following activities:

  • Shredders for shredding tires PFU
  • Grinders for toner grinding
  • Shredders for industrial waste shredding
  • Shredders for shredding hospital waste
  • Shredders for shredding chillers and refrigerators
  • Shredders for aluminium shredding
  • Shredders for copper shredding 
  • Shredders for metal shredding
  • Shredders for electric cable shredding
  • Shredders for shredding electric motors
  • Shredders for WEEE electronic waste shredding
  • Shredders for shredding municipal solid waste MSW
  • Shredders for plastic shredding
  • Shredders for wood shredding
  • Shredders scrap metal shredding
  • Shredders ferrous scrap shredding
  • Shredders for shredding vehicle parts

Hammer mill for copper transformer

The hammer mills of the series Stokkermill HM are indicated, depending on the size and power applied, to perform the following activities:

  • Hammer mills for scrap from yards
  • Hammer mills for grinding aluminium profiles and housings
  • Hammer mills for aluminium scrap from yards
  • Hammer mills for shredding electric motors
  • Hammer mills for shredding engines from the demolition of vehicles
  • Hammer mills for harmonic steel from PFU
  • Hammer mills for crushing copper-aluminium-iron radiators
  • Hammer mills for crushing residues (car fluff, Zorba, Zurik)
  • Hammer mills for shredding electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Hammer mills for shredding medical equipment
  • Hammer mills for toner grinding
  • Hammer mills for shredding tin