Shredder for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) shredding

Shredder Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) shredding plant STOKKERMILL RECYCLING MACHINERY. Your technical partner for the new era.

delimitation turbine

Shredding WEEE from ELV with Delamination Turbine is designed for reducing the size of the metals before the separation with the dry densimetric sorter or equivalent separation systems. The Delamination Turbine introduces some advantages: it can operate even with mixed ferrous or stainless-steel residues and requires less adjustments of the blades. Shredding WEEE with Delamination Turbine for reducing the particle size and getting a fine fraction, giving the metals a rounded shape and improving the performance of the separation systems.

denisimetric table multiple

Separation Electronic waste and vehicles parts with Multiple densimetric tables represent a significant technological improvement for separation systems. Densimetric tables with multiple outlets, up to ten in standard models, can be customized depending on the customer’s needs. The multiple densimetric tables allow the separation of complex materials and improve the metals recovery where more advanced and efficient solutions are required.

hammer mill

Chrushing WEEE scrap from ELVs with Hammer Mill series HM are the best for the first reduction of automobile starters, alternators and electric motors in general. Stokkermill designs and manufactures small and medium sized hammer mills (up to 500Kw) characterized by robustness and reliability. Maintenance operations are comfortable activities thanks to the hydraulic opening system of the chamber. Stokkermill HM can be equipped with an inverter to optimize the rotation speed according to the material to be processed.

elv parts

Shredder ELV shredding plant STOKKERMILL has always been involved in the production of metal recovery machinery for end-of-life vehicles. We are pioneers in the manufacture of car harness recycling plants which make possible to recover a high-quality copper. The challenge was to make a system that doesn’t require the manual work for separating the steel fractions or removing the sticky tape from the wires in order to do wiring recycling efficiently. Today, we can say that our car looms recycling plants do not required almost any manual activities. Stokkermill has developed not only the car looms recycling lines but also the complete recycling plants for the recycling of starters and alternators.This kind of plant enables to recover copper, aluminum and other metals, making more profitable the ELV’s recycling industry. Now it’s time to move a step ahead since the quantity of metals in the automobiles is growing day after day and nobody knows what the scenario in the next few years will be. Stokkermill once again is ready to support the car recycling industry with competence and flexibility.