Electronic cables shredding K750

electric shredding
  • High-purity output materials
  • Premium components: Siemens motors, SKF bearings, Schneider/Telemecanique control panel
  • Recovery of copper or aluminum powders directly from the densimetric separation table
  • Affordable and reliable machine with 24 months warranty on all components except for materials subject to wear 

Electronic cables shredding Stokkermill granulator for copper and aluminum electric cables of the K750 is the result of a long research and development program carried out by our engineering team in order to find an innovative solution in a complex field such as the separation of industrial waste and scrap. "A compact and an affordable cable granulator keeping the same quality of our actual cable granulators" From our long experiences, Stokkermill created a product with exceptional characteristics at an extraordinary price considering that the machine is designed and manufactured in Italy with the premium European components such as Siemens motors, Skf bearings, Schneider / Telemecanique control panel.

Electronic cables shredding K750 maintains the known quality of the actual cable granulators such as Flexi series and significantly reducing the size, the cost of construction, thanks to extraordinary engineering of the product and setting an affordable price for end-users. The granulator mill, with 3 rotating blades and 2 stationary blades, and the separation table has not changed compared to the actual series such as K and K-S to guarantee the quality of separation and production rate. The total power of 7.5 Kw available in both three-phase or single-phase versions allows you to work cables with a diameter up to 20-25 mm. In the case of particularly rigid cables, required to cut them less than 100mm in order to preserve the cutting blades. The standard 3 mm sorting screen placed under the mill can be easily replaced with a classifier with different hole dimensions that adapt to the processing of very thin wiring. The K750 shredder for electrical waste and cables is the best alternative on the market for all those who work in the electronic materials recycling industry or for companies that intend to enhance their production waste. The use of the K750 granulator is easy and user-friendly. K750 is “plug and play” start-up machine that does not require special installation interventions. At the same time, maintenance and blade adjustment operations are made easier by the rapid and wide opening of the mill. Electronic cables shredding K750 is also suitable for processing thin cables with 2 mm of the classifier screen. For the treatment of larger dimensions cables, it is recommended to use the standard 3 mm or 4 mm grid.