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Teck cables

Teck cables recovery equipments and separation boards, systems for the treatment and recovery of TECK cables characterized by external aluminum protection and internal copper protection, finds greater diffusion as in North America and Canada. Reference: Teck_cable. Teck cable is a type of low voltage armoured cable named for the location where it was first developed and used, Teck Township, now known as Kirkland Lake, Ontario. The mining operations such as those conducted by Teck-Hughes Gold Mining Ltd. required a durable cable to power equipment and withstand the demanding conditions, and teck cable was the engineered result. In Canada, teck cable is defined by CSA standard C22.2 No. 131 and carries the type designation of TECK90, the 90 referring to the normal ambient temperature in degrees Celsius that the cable may be used in without de-rating its ampacity. Teck cable is a very versatile power cable because it may be used where subject to limited mechanical damage, it is resistant to water, petrochemicals, and sunlight. It may be used for direct-earth burial and if properly sealed at the connection point, in explosive atmospheres such as gasoline dispensing stations. When used in industrial environment, it is usually contained in a cable tray with many other cables powering the motors that run the industrial processes. In the commercial environment, it may also be found in a tray, but is often fastened to a wall, truss, or other part of the building structure. It may be used to power any equipment such as compressors, heaters, or commercial dishwashers, and is also used for power distribution within buildings. Teck cable may be used to power hot tubs, garages or other outbuildings, and sub-panels in the residential setting. On the other hand, the recycling of Teck cables has some disadvantages because it requires the separation of several materials and, in particular, the separation of copper from aluminium. To solve the problem related to the recovery of copper and aluminum from Teck cables, Stokkermill has designed a series of dry separators that can perform the operation with extraordinary precision, speed and low costs. Teck densimetric tables are able to separate the mixed fraction, copper-aluminum, in two separate streams of remarkable quality purity. These are the separators of the Teck series with capacities ranging from 100 to 1500 kg/h. The densimetric tables of the Teck series can be easily connected also to existing and operational cable recycling plants.

TECK cables separator
TECK cables separator

July 4, 2022