Twin-Shaft Shredders for reducing bulky waste

Twin-Shaft Shredder is considered one of the solutions for reducing bulkywaste.

Bulky waste such as W.E.E.E., tires, industrial waste,plastic and metal tanks/containers, textiles, paper, pallets etc… they occupied the space of your scrap yard!!

Stokkermill is known for cable/wire granulators, however we also design and produce Twin-Shaft Shredders and you’ll find the right solution to diminish your waste.

The electric or hydraulic Double-Shaft industrial shredders has been designed for processing many types of materials not only bulky but also light metal scrap and MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) ,in particular for the first volumetric reduction.

The special design of the blades and the control of production parameters allow to control the size of the material in the output, although Twin-Shaft Shredders are generally not equipped with a classifying grid.

The Stokkermill Double-shaft Shredders are made in different configurations, sizes and powers and are ideal for the volumetric reduction and roughing of:


  • parts coming from    the vehicle demolition (bumpers, tanks, dashboards, sheet metal)
  • plastic
  • wood
  • paper and cardboard
  • electric cables
  • PFU out of use tires
  • metal scrap
  • collection scrap in general
  • miscellaneous collection cans
  • aluminum and metal profiles
  • composite materials
  • industrial waste in general

Watch our video how robust and efficient Stokkermill Twin-Shaft Shredder!

For the specification of Stokkermill Double-Shaft Shredder D series, please see the link below.

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