POL-ECO SYSTEM 2017 – Poznan

Stokkermill has participated at the 2017 edition of the POL-ECO SYSTEM international conference and exhibition which took place in Poznan – Poland in October.

Good the affluence of professionals involved in the recycling industry during the three days of the exhibition.

The Stokkermill’s booth was arranged by the Stokkermill’s Polish distributor PRO-INDUSTRY. Thanks to the good job made by Piotr Firganek and Mariusz Tomalak from PRO-INDUSTRY, Stokkermill’s booth was actually one of the most impressive and crowded of the exhibition.

There was a lot of customers who visited the booth, happy to meet the PRO-INDUSTRY’s technicians, and looking for new solutions to expand their business with one of Stokkermill’s lines. Old customers showed a clear appreciation for the attentive after-sale service offered by PRO-INDUSTRY and the technical support given by Stokkermill. The close technical interaction between Stokkermill and the distributors has always been of key importance to Stokkermill’s success in the global market.

Stokkermill and PRO-INDUSTRY, following the market tendency, have decided to showcase a small-medium size line for the recycling of copper wires, aluminum wires and copper/aluminum coolers.

The line showcased at the booth was the Entry Line Basic 3000:  https://www.stokkermill.com/en/recycling-machines/entryline-copper-wire-recycling-granulator-lines/

The Stokkermill Basic 3000 is composed by the following machines:

• Pre-shredder PS600 – 15 kw: one shaft shredder design for processing electrical cables, PCB and other light materials like plastic, cardboard, wood, etc.., https://www.stokkermill.com/en/recycling-machines/ps-single-shaft-industrial-shredders/

• Conveyor belt with magnetic drum NST4000: light and easy to maintain conveyor used to transport the output material into the granulator; https://www.stokkermill.com/en/recycling-machines/nst-conveyors/

• Granulator SM3000 Standard: very compact granulator consisting of a blade mill, separation table and dust filter build on one frame. The construction ensures that the machine takes less space, is robust and well sound insulated; https://www.stokkermill.com/en/recycling-machines/compact-copper-wire-granulator/

The Stokkermill Basic 3000, which was available for live test during the POL-ECO SYSTEM, can process up to 300 kg/h (660 lb/h).

Visitors could also appreciate the quality of the smaller Stokkermill twin-shaft industrial shredder D20 powerd by a 20 kW motor: Very simple, fast and economic machine for the size reduction of bulky wastes (plastic, wood, fabric, paper, cartridge, cans, light metals, and so on); https://www.stokkermill.com/en/recycling-machines/twin-shaft-industrial-shredders/

Finally we would like to underline the great appreciation for the new multipurpose Stokkermill WeeThree Line for the recycling of wires, PCB’s and small electronic WEEE.

The new WeeeThree is a flexible and economic system which responds to the increasing demand to process small-medium amounts of different waste materials at an affordable cost of purchasing and maintenance.

For further information on Stokkermill’s products and solutions feel free to contact our official dealer in Poland: PRO-INDUSTRY, mob. +48 881335178