WEEE shredder for electrics - The new granulator - K750

Wire shredder for electric cables K750 is the last model of the manufacturer Stokkermill Recycling Machinery in the segment of small solutions for the recycling of electrical cables and wires. Thanks to the accurate engineering research Stokkermill is able to offer a "small but great" machine at an affordable purchasing price with the lowest maintenance cost.

- Ferrous and metal scrap shredder Stokkermill D150. A very strong rotating shear for the primary reduction of bulky materials. Hydraulic drive and special blades for reducing maintenance operations.

- Municipal Solid waste (MSW) shredder for the primary reduction of bulky waste, metal compacted bales, tires reduction. Very simple but very strong machine. The best for heavy recycling operations.

- Stripper 45100 is the last cables peeler from Stokkermill Recycling. Eight channels for standard cables, rigid cables, light armoured cables in between 5 to 90 mm diameter. A very industrial machine.

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