WEEE treatment plants

primary hydraulic shredder for WEEE

WEEE treatment plants, primary hydraulic shredding plant for crushing, shredding and separating electrical and electronic waste by recovering the metal fractions designed and manufactured by Stokkermill. Extremely flexible systems that allow recycling different types of electronic waste by recovering the metal fractions. The electrical and electronic waste, WEEE treatment plants consist of a sequence of machines that allows the incoming materials to be progressively crushed to allow their separation. A waste recycling plant consists of one or more shredders of the D, PS or F series that perform a primary shredding of the materials. The choice of primary shredder is determined by the type and amount of electronic waste to be treated. In certain circumstances, the use of hydraulic single-shaft primary shredder of the Hydro series may be significant. These are single-shaft hydraulic shredders with grid classified as particularly robust and reliable. The Hydro-series consists of three machines with different sizes and capacities united by the same technology: relatively slow rotation, great reduction capacity, extreme reliability of the components selected among the European premium brands. Stokkermill can realise plants for the treatment of screens and LCD monitors that can: - recover the TFT film; - aspirate the fluorescent powders contained in the neon backlight lamps, - this avoids contamination of the environment and the risks to operators caused by the dispersal of potentially hazardous substances; - all activities are carried out in isolated rooms connected to HELPA or ULPA filtration plants.

LCD screens treatment plants
LCD screens treatment plants

The Hydro-series can also be used for other types of materials: from electric cables, aluminium profiles, scrap iron, lightweight cans and similar. After the primary shredders, as a possible option, hammer mills refiners of the HM-series can be added to make a further reduction of the material fractions, making them suitable for the actual separation phase.  This is realised with the Stokkermill separation lines. These separation systems consist of the set of multiple densimetric tables, able to obtain high results in the separation of metal fractions. Eddy Current separation systems allow for the separation of the aluminium fractions while the optical separators of the OS-series can carry out extremely effective colour separations. This is greatly improving the quality of the output material. The machines and plants for the treatment of electrical and electronic waste can be used for the following types of materials: - washing machines and refrigerators; - electronic office equipment: printers, personal computers, laptops; - televisions, electronic screens, and plasma screens; - small household appliances.

WEEE treatment plant
WEEE treatment plant