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Electronic, Electric scrap shredding, machinery and equipments for E-scrap shredder, processing WEEE

Machinery and equipments for Electronics WEEE recycling

Electric and electronic waste processing machinery and equipments, E scrap shredding (WEEE), reduction is turning out to be one of the most attractive and profitable opportunities on the market; the quantity of the material to be recycled tends to grow with the increased spread of electric and electronic equipment, with the implementation of regulations aimed at improvement and mandatory treatment practices. Currently, major parts of electric and electronic waste (E-waste) is landfilled and the waste generated is expected to grow by 20% in a few years. Electronic waste (WEEE) has been classified as priority waste to treat, therefore, it is extremely important to think about the proper recycling system of E-waste. E-waste shredding and processing offered by Stokkermill machinery allows to process variable quantities of electric and electronic equipment, privileging the technological versatility and flexibility. We offer twin-shaft shredder for size reduction of WEEE. The industrial shredders for processing size reduction are the starting point when systems are tailored to suit specific customer requirements. The equipment for the recycling of electric and electronic equipment, if properly related to a phase of manual intervention allows recovering the following fractions of homogeneous materials:

  • plastic materials 25-30%
  • ferrous and stainless materials 25-30%
  • metals 12-17%
  • printed circuit boards 6%
  • electrical wiring 1-2%
  • batteries and capacitors
  • undifferentiated mixed waste

The recovery of raw materials from electric and electronic waste (WEEE) generates a growing amount of electronic, which are being put on the recycling market. The treatment and recycling of electric and electronic boards, printed circuit boards, and motherboards allow to recover: - metal mix (copper, tin, precious metals); - inert and plastic materials. Equipment for electronic waste recycling (WEEE recycling ) and reduction: 

- Industrial Twin-shaft shredder

- Industrial Double-shaft shredder

- Hammer Mill

- Industrial Pre-Shredder

- Impact mill

- WEEE recycling refining plant

- Eddy Current Separator

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