Tyres shredder

Tyres shredding / pre-shredder process, plants and equipments for grinding with controlled granulometry, further grinding for obtaining small granules

Tyre shredding plants and tyres shredder equipments is going to be highly important due to the high demand of the automotive industry, reducing the environmental impact of end-of-life tyres(ELTs) is an important common issue within the recycling industry. The quantity and the durability of scrap tyres make us difficult to recycle them, however, waste tyres are one of the most re-used waste materials. Recycled tyre chips can be used for TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) which is used as alternative fuel. This is reputed to be more energy-efficient than normal fuel. TDF is mainly used in cement and paper manufacturing. Rubber granulate is reused in sports fields, rubber mats and moulded products. The recovered steel can be smelted and reused. Also, rubber powder can be reused in rubber paved asphalt. Finally, the liberated textile has a very high effective burning value and can, therefore, be mixed with other materials in order to increase that material’s effective burning value. The recycling of tires is carried out in three main phases:

  • Size reduction for obtaining a “tyre crumb” in a variable size of 50-150 mm, for reducing storage volumes or for being used as an alternative energy source
  • Grinding with controlled granulometry for obtaining 20-25 mm chips. During this phase, the ferrous components and other pollutants are separated (textile components in particular). The product so obtained can be used as a substitute for mineral aggregates to create the bases of civil and industrial constructions; the chips can be used in the waste-to-energy process
  • Further grinding for obtaining 2-4 mm granules, which can be used in various industrial processes. These materials are ideal for application in anti-shock flooring, compounds and mixtures for asphalt.

Stokkermill used tyre recycling plants offer the highest quality of output materials with low maintenance used tyres recycling plants to give a second life to ELTs.

Equipmet for used tyres recycling (ELTs recycling ):  

Industrial Twin-shaft shredder used tyres size reduction : 


Industrial Double-shaft shredder scrap tyres size reduction : 


Industrial Pre-Shredder for waste tyres size reduction : 


Scrap tyres recycling refining plants :


Densimetric separation table as sorting system :


Shaker table as sorting system :


Vibrating sieve as sorting system :