Aluminum engine crushing plant

engines crushing machine

Aluminum engine crushing plant for end-of-life vehicles parts (ELV's): the aluminium engine press designed and manufactured by Stokkermill Recycling Machinery, allows to crush the endothermic engines with the aluminium heads and to separate the ferrous fraction from the aluminium fraction. The machine structure consists of a 60 mm thick Hardox steel case. All welding is performed by robotics and the inner walls are lined with Hardox to reduce wear and ensure the durability of the surfaces subject to friction. The crushing pusher is driven by a hydraulic system with a thrust capacity of 220Ton and controlled by PLC that manages the stroke of the pusher, the frequency and repetition of the pressing cycle and the opening of the discharge chute. The crushing press for aluminium engines and gearboxes is effective and able to reduce the endothermic motors to a size of a few centimetres, facilitating the separation of aluminium from steel by a magnetic drum placed at the exit of the machine. The aluminium fraction can be further enhanced by means of a hammer mill of the HM series, that can provide end sizes between 20 and 40 mm. The P01 motor crushing press has a production capacity from 6 to 8 T/H.

endothermic motors crushing plant

- Press for aluminium engines

- Crushing of aluminium engines

- Engine recycling of end-of-life vehicles

- Vehicle recycling f.u. (ELV’s)

- Aluminium proler

- Crushing gearboxes and engines of end-of-life vehicles

- Hammer mills for the valorisation – recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

*system being installed