Recycling of electrical and telecommunications cables

Recycling of electrical and telecommunications cables; has always been at the center of the interest of Stokkermill Recycling Machinery which over the years has been developed the best technologies to support the recycling industry in this particular issue. Stokkermill has a vast range of shredders and cable granulators. To manage large volumes of input materials passing through the Multiflex cable granulators are equipped with turbo refiner and the three-way ZigZag separation system. Depending on customer's needs, we are able to customize the details :

  • Compact copper shredders : KS series
  • Cable recycling shredders and plants : M series

Telecommunication cables, data cables, and cables from WEEE electronic materials recovery

Wire harness recycling

Thanks to the turbo refiners in the recycling line of M series, the capillary cables can be processed without separation from other cables. Recycling of rigid cables is simplified and made more efficient by the use of the ZigZag three-way air separator. Industrial shredders for cable recycling plants are designed and manufactured in-house, in Italy. Our precision machining technology is used for the details of Stokkermill machines. All the machining parts are made to measure to give the best solution to our customers without compromise. The Shredder mills, made in a single block to keep robustness. We use only premium brand such as SKF bearings and Schneider electronic for the components. All the details to give perfection and precision to our electric and telecommunication cable recycling plants. Copper shredder can be equipped with our industrial pre-shredders PS series and CSR series. In particular, the CSR single shaft shredders can be used as primary shredders. We also recommend to our twin-shaft shredders D series for the capacity more than 1.000kg/h. The twin-shaft shredders are able to carry out the first reduction in order to have efficiency in the whole plant.

Single shaft shredders :

PS :


Twin-shaft shredders :

D :